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Instructions for filing a petition with the Academic Regulations Appeal Committee (ARAC)

Read this page carefully! You must complete and submit all paperwork NO LATER THAN 12:00 NOON on the Friday before the ARAC meeting.

Should you have questions about the petition process, please email

There are a number of steps to the petition process.

  1. Write a letter explaining your request and provide any *documentation supporting your situation. (See the step-by-step instructions for writing an ARAC letter.)
  2. Complete the electronic coversheet after you have written your letter and attached any relevant documentation [medical letters, court documents, etc. (see the step-by-step instructions for writing an ARAC letter for more information)]. You will need to submit a separate coversheet for each appeal.
  3. For retroactive withdrawals/drops only: Send the ARAC Faculty Feedback Form to your instructors. It is your responsibility to contact the instructor(s) in each course from which you are seeking the retroactive withdrawal. You can contact to see if an instructor has sent in a form. If you have been awarded financial aid, you must meet with your financial aid counselor and obtain a letter stating what, if any, financial implications might occur due to retroactively withdrawing from or dropping any course(s). Financial Aid is located at Harris Hall, 1015 Floyd Ave., 1st floor, 804-828-6669 (fax 804-827-0060). Note: Selective retroactive withdrawals/drops from some, but not all, courses for a particular semester are usually denied unless the reason for the selectivity can be explained and documented.
  4. For retroactive adds: If you have a hold on your account on the first day of the semester, you are not eligible to petition ARAC to add a course for that semester, even if the hold has since been removed. In addition, for any retroactive adds, you must submit an approved override form and you must not have a hold on your account at the time of the ARAC meeting. You should check with Student Accounting to see if you will need to make any payments if this appeal is approved.
  5. Contact your academic adviser to discuss your petition and get their recommendation on your petition. Your adviser must sign the cover sheet. If you do not know who your academic adviser is, you can email or the departmental office of your major can assist you in identifying them.
  6. Submit your personal statement and supporting documentation to Completed ARAC petitions must be submitted before noon on the Friday before the ARAC meeting.
  7. The committee typically meets the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Your completed petition will be put on the upcoming agenda. This schedule may be adjusted due to holidays, etc.
  8. You will receive an email notifying you of the action taken by the committee.

Rev. 2020-03-18