Meet a Student: Q&A with Jeremiah Meadows

Meadows is a double major in political science and philosophy who hopes to attend law school in the future.
jeremiah meadows

When did you decide you wanted to study political science?

When I started college, my goal was to help as many people as possible in the world. So, I knew that I wanted to simultaneously learn about society and about how we create social change. In respect to my second major, philosophy, I often say that philosophy shows me a vision of a better world and political science gives me the tools to make it happen.

What was one of your favorite classes in your major?

I am loving my senior seminar course right now; much of the content is similar to that of an international political economy course. I really wanted to learn about social systems, economic systems like capitalism and socialism, and about how those work in the world. When talking about such hefty and complex topics, I am very grateful that I've had such a diverse class with whom to discuss.

Which professors have you enjoyed working with?

I have had incredibly knowledgeable educators in the political science department and I am very grateful that I was able to study with them. If I could only speak on one, that would be Dr. Judy Twigg. She is amazing. It is wonderfully obvious that she cares about her students and that she enjoys teaching; it is evident in every part of her course, from her communication, her openness to hearing students' needs, her recommendation of university student services, her course structure, her expectations for assignments—all of it. It really speaks to how wonderful professors are when I absolutely plan to stay in contact with them after graduating.

"I really wanted to learn about social systems, economic systems like capitalism and socialism, and about how those work in the world."

What other experiences have impacted your educational journey?

I had the opportunity to travel to New Hampshire for 11 days to see the presidential primary in action in January of this year. It was absolutely surreal to see these candidates before me of whom I had only seen on the internet beforehand. As someone who never had the opportunity to attend a presidential campaign rally before, I felt incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to see candidates face-to-face and interact with them. While on that trip, Dr. Allie Reckendorf and Dr. Deirdre Condit were wonderful leaders who made it a fantastic experience.

What else should we know about the Department of Political Science?

The Department of Political Science also holds regular events on current political topics such as the impeachment, the legal status of Puerto Rico, etc. It's a wonderful way to hear from professors and academics about current political activities or movements that someone otherwise would not be able to access. It's really great that such events are open to the public as well.

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