Sample Budget Proposals

Experiential Learning Scholarships

Question #6: Provide a narrative description of your budget including your need for funding and your ability to participate without funding. Include total amounts for each of the expenses you selected in the previous question and a total amount of all expenses.

Sample Responses

Sample 1

I have already received a scholarship that covers program fees ($1,500), but need to find a way to fund my remaining costs including travel, lodging and per diem. I would still be able to pay for this program through credit and plan on doing so if I do not receive any further funding. However, without additional funding to participate, I will likely need to take on a second job during the fall semester to make sure I can afford the experience. A detailed budget is below:

  • Travel/flights: $3,575 (D.C. to L.A. to China)
  • Visa: $145 application fee
  • Hotel: $440 ($40 per day for 11 days)
  • Meals/per diem: $416.25 [Nine days in China at $33.75 per day and two travel days in the U.S. at $56.25 per day (per State Department rates)]
  • Program fee: $1,500
  • Total: $6,076.25

Sample 2

When I received my acceptance letter to the program I was excited but with my other siblings’ educational expenses, I am not able to ask my parents for help with the costs of participating. Although I am interning part-time this semester and will continue my internship throughout the summer, the money I make from my internship will not be enough to support my participation. The costs associated with the program include a tuition fee of $2,000 to enroll which provides for all the lectures, resources and intensive training before and during the program. I will also need to purchase a plane ticket to attend and based on my research; the cost is about $1,100 for a round trip. Though the program fee accounts for lodging and breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included. For two weeks in the host city, I expect lunch and dinner would cost $20 per day ($200 total). In total, I expect my expenses for this experience to be $3,300. If I can receive support, I can participate and make the most of my experience in the program.

Sample 3

I am applying for $2,700 in support of my work in a campus research laboratory for one semester. The budget for academic year funding will support me as a research assistant where I work approximately 15 hours a week. The semester is 12 weeks and the proposed funding for my research assistantship will fund me $15 an hour for my work. My family is not able to help contribute to my educational expenses. This additional funding will allow me to gain valuable research experience in the academic field I am pursuing rather than take a part-time job on top of my participation in the lab.

Sample 4

I was accepted to present at a professional conference and funding will cover the expenses associated with registration, travel to and from the conference, and lodging and meals during the conference. The conference will be held in Boston for four days. My anticipated expenses are outlined below.

  • Registration (student fee): $50
  • Travel to and from Boston: $300 (Driving personal vehicle 550 miles at $0.54/mi)
  • Travel during conference: $30 to cover the cost of public transportation
  • Lodging: $450 (Estimating $150 per night for three nights)
  • Meals: $300 ($75/day)
  • Total: $1,130

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